How Strong is a $2000 Lock???
The New Close Quarters 50BMG!!!
Ultimate Colt Python Torture Test
Who's the Best Shot??? New rifle!
The Future of Room Breaching!!!
Is a Bulldozer Bullet Proof???
40 Ton Leopard Tank vs My New RV
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Alex Lutz
Alex Lutz 4 timer siden
How did you know you were right on everything 🤣😅
Caleb Baker
Caleb Baker 4 timer siden
Shove some tannerite in it and blow up the foam!
I dont wanna use my name
I dont wanna use my name 4 timer siden
holy shite thats so unsafe
Surenderpal singh Jodha
Surenderpal singh Jodha 4 timer siden
Matt large gummy bears
jatbatman 4 timer siden
I'm really curious, is this the intro Mere laughed at? Seems like one that she might find funny.
joey white
joey white 4 timer siden
Shut up! My mom doesn't even have a basement!
Blayne Tubbs
Blayne Tubbs 4 timer siden
OK is anybody else surprise that the little break it could pull that whole thing or as I just me🤣🤣🤣
Fully loaded Teenager
Fully loaded Teenager 4 timer siden
Who else thought this kinda gave off kill dozer vibes
ZED GAMING 4 timer siden
The helmet is a German
Matthew Gaughran
Matthew Gaughran 4 timer siden
Archeologists will discover this thousands of years from now and they're going to have a hell of a time
Cody Tipton
Cody Tipton 4 timer siden
Atf knocking on his door cause he made a noise suppressing device.
Tim Paul
Tim Paul 4 timer siden
Anyone else notice he called the 1911 a desert eagle😂
Belltower Group
Belltower Group 4 timer siden
ATF: Do you have a form 1 for that suppressor?
Your Mother should of swallowed
Your Mother should of swallowed 4 timer siden
A dude owed me like $15k and told me to come for it. I used the Marine Grade expanding foam and filled all his door jams, trunk jam and hood. This video brought back memories for sure !!
Thomas Craddock
Thomas Craddock 4 timer siden
we also learned if you want a can for your .50 bmg, you need to stick a minivan on the end.
thomas grokenberger
thomas grokenberger 4 timer siden
How about showing the penetrating power of the benjamin bulldog firing .308 hornady 220 grain rounds out of .36 cal. black powder sabots,because that’s what I use. It’s got the standard moderator and I added a donny fl suppressor and depinger and extra 100 cc tank. It’s quieter than my friends.177 powerline 800 and it slings some serous lead. I am interested in the damage that rifle can do with my setup. I have turned cynder blocks into concrete dust but you have more interesting stuff to shoot at! I like that I can shoot such a powerful rifle in my backyard in the downtown of my city,three blocks from the jail and courthouse! lol
Wendell Brown
Wendell Brown 4 timer siden
You should see if multiple sheets of glass with spray foam makes bullet proof glass. ;)
Blerim Kuqo
Blerim Kuqo 4 timer siden
Imagine trying to rob this guys house
Jay R
Jay R 4 timer siden
Next video cutting down a tree with a 22
The Bored one who is also super lazy ofc
The Bored one who is also super lazy ofc 4 timer siden
Imagine a little kid watching this from a distance in real life
Jessie and mike
Jessie and mike 4 timer siden
Kentucky ballistics can lick my ammo
NashBen 4 timer siden
Hundreds to maybe thousands of dollars worth of work and material just for a shoutout. Ouch. Na, thanks.
wayne john
wayne john 4 timer siden
Hahahaha that tow truck has alot of ponies
ToneCaponeOHIO 4 timer siden
NxHart 4 timer siden
The intro was pretty much my life in a nutshell
ryancrazy1 4 timer siden
Matt turned an SUV into a suppressor....
Benson Downey
Benson Downey 4 timer siden
"me actually eating mac n cheese in my moms basement"😐😢
Midnight Rider115
Midnight Rider115 4 timer siden
I just got some chic fil a Mac and cheese. I skipped lunch I was hungry......, lmfao
Zack Foster
Zack Foster 4 timer siden
Why’d i get called out like that I the beginning
thomas Middlestadt
thomas Middlestadt 4 timer siden
So awesome you guys where ment to do videos together absolutely love em
Davis J.
Davis J. 4 timer siden
Those poor trees on Matt's range. Lol
chen frank
chen frank 4 timer siden
Sad. To be Communist country. Sad time for arms fans.
TheNotSoFakeGilbert 4 timer siden
Matt, did you get a tax stamp for that suppressor?
Yosuan The swan
Yosuan The swan 4 timer siden
"Desert eagle" dang the desert eagle list some weight am i right?
Brandon H
Brandon H 4 timer siden
You can do better Matt
Luke Navarro
Luke Navarro 4 timer siden
What happened to your forehead?
Kevin Arnold
Kevin Arnold 4 timer siden
Even if things don't go the way you hoped, it's never a waste of time to watch!! You always make it better! #MakeNOpostGreatAgain
James Buckley
James Buckley 4 timer siden
We also learned that an Expedition full of foam makes an effective suppressor for a .50 cal.
Owen Marsh
Owen Marsh 4 timer siden
OK I bet you’re gonna break away too bunch glass in this video you are broke too much glass
Neely Locke
Neely Locke 4 timer siden
Neely Locke
Neely Locke 4 timer siden
Blow it up
Neely Locke
Neely Locke 4 timer siden
Blow it up
Mitchell Henderson
Mitchell Henderson 4 timer siden
ATF: Did he just make a suppressor out of an expedition?
Thomas Gilpin
Thomas Gilpin 4 timer siden
U should of done 50 cal thing but with the Barret
Freedom Of The Press Network
Freedom Of The Press Network 4 timer siden
glitter is the Herpes of craft supplies.
pizza eat
pizza eat 4 timer siden
What is the beggining
Mister Popo
Mister Popo 4 timer siden
they gotta make bullet proof vests out of glass balls
tmj128 4 timer siden
Love seeing him flinch while breaking a window after breathing in all that glass before.
This is my tablet So what
This is my tablet So what 4 timer siden
Did u do a Doug demoró references
T. Wilson
T. Wilson 4 timer siden
How did you get that much spray foam in there....or.. how did you have the patience to put that much foam in
Huey Iroquois
Huey Iroquois 4 timer siden
I resent that intro. I do NOT eat mac & cheese every night.
Alf The Jewish Alien
Alf The Jewish Alien 4 timer siden
5:35 what yall came for
Austin Y
Austin Y 4 timer siden
He really didn't have to call us out like that.
Tony2x Gaming V2
Tony2x Gaming V2 4 timer siden
2021 anyone?
DKooch 4 timer siden
Kinetic energy being dispersed thru the ball and cracking the other side
Big Mike
Big Mike 4 timer siden
Don't diss Mac and Cheese
R P 4 timer siden
What knife is that at 3:00?
Avius L
Avius L 4 timer siden
I mean an airplane is basically a big tin can with some fiberglass so not very bullet proof. Haha.
Evan Adler
Evan Adler 4 timer siden
Does anyone know who makes that .50 BMG model ?
Marcin Łukasz
Marcin Łukasz 4 timer siden
NOpost. I m an engineer and i think its safe;) :p
Marcin Łukasz
Marcin Łukasz 4 timer siden
I ve waited 8 years to say that xD
Gonzopollis 4 timer siden
I’m glad I waited till the end of the video
Tom B/aka bones
Tom B/aka bones 4 timer siden
Well I took science one time😆😆😆
Saya Raveendran
Saya Raveendran 4 timer siden
Who gives a five year old a gun huh?
sabotslug94 4 timer siden
What was the purpose of wasting a nice sight? If you didn't want it, you could have donated it to a fellow gun owner, bad enough they are expensive as it is.
Jayton Kennedy
Jayton Kennedy 4 timer siden
it will go through for sure
Fexx Karp
Fexx Karp 4 timer siden
Invent bullet proof spray foam would be saving so many lifes
bassmonkey343 gaming
bassmonkey343 gaming 4 timer siden
i felt sad when he said i wasnt successful and im only 14:(
Woods Lore
Woods Lore 4 timer siden
Demo ranch made the car from demolition man
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 4 timer siden
6:04 he walks away while it falls off lmao
sandy grunwaldt
sandy grunwaldt 4 timer siden
Again I just about wet myself during the intro . Love From Michigan and it's REALLY cold outside 💖🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
Alex Barron
Alex Barron 4 timer siden
Everytime i watch a demolition ranch video i think to myself "what could he do next" and every single time he uploads a video im even more impressed!! Lol
justin phillips
justin phillips 4 timer siden
And God have Mercy on our beautiful land of free country with this new Vice President and, president notice the way I worded
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 timer siden
"I feel like I'm cursed, I can't breathe" Or it might be the glass dust you are breathing.
levisupall _
levisupall _ 4 timer siden
Finally updated the outro
Mr. Tombo
Mr. Tombo 4 timer siden
Isn't that a form of "spauling", sort of like what used to happen to the first tanks in WWI, after which we learned to paste the insides of tanks with ballistic cloth to retain/capture steel that popped free like shrapnel when a shell hit the tank from the outside? Or, you see it with gunshots that hit a window that don't go through. On the other side a conical bit of glass is popped free. Energy transfer to the far point in-line with the impact.
Depner 1987
Depner 1987 4 timer siden
Newton's 3rd law
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers 4 timer siden
"That pretty much how Texas science is, how to strap guns down" - Matt Carriker
Shmitty 4 timer siden
11:00. i hope it doesn’t break
Punished Kewpie
Punished Kewpie 4 timer siden
so this is like the best pellet gun fighting armor then
Slick Back
Slick Back 4 timer siden
7:10 double tap