Can a Solid Glass Ball Stop a 50cal???

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My Dog Is Bipolar
My Dog Is Bipolar 17 dager siden
You gotta get Destin on this. Do a collab with Smarter Every Day. He'll figure it out.
O 15 dager siden
O 15 dager siden
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O 15 dager siden
PoptxrtVII Minutt siden
I’m bad at explaining
PoptxrtVII 2 minutter siden
The glass is holo in the middle so the waves strong enough to do that from impact
SongPizza s
SongPizza s 3 minutter siden
Dude is breathing in glass particles in the air and wonders why he keeps sneezing. 🤣
PoptxrtVII 3 minutter siden
The sound waves make it crack in the back
Steven Lorah
Steven Lorah 5 minutter siden
We have inertia, mass, dynamic pressure, plus exerted energy dissipation..and the shape plays a role as well...circular objects with a certain mass will dissipate energy on the opposite pole if said energy was a specific sized impactor with enough mass in relation to circular object.
Luis LR
Luis LR 7 minutter siden
It's been a minute Demolition Ranch , glad you still up to your shenanigans
The Narrator
The Narrator 7 minutter siden
Ill save y’all the trouble, yes, yes i t can
Derna1804 8 minutter siden
Somebody should probably tell Matt that he's allergic to millions of microscopic glass knives that he's breathing in.
Tyler Houle
Tyler Houle 10 minutter siden
Were do you get your fire arms at
Steven Lorah
Steven Lorah 11 minutter siden
That Moment you realize there is more science to this video besides the glass. Natural selection where someone decides to do something without thinking of or knowing the consequence. (glass dust + lungs= no good for you)
Driveshaft Pro
Driveshaft Pro 12 minutter siden
Shock wave transfers across the surface and meets at the rear of the ball causing a post shock. And the sneezing if from the glass in the air. Wear a mask next time
Derna1804 15 minutter siden
How many rounds of .44 magnum to the center of a crystal ball? Let's go ask Mister Owl.
Pill Grimm
Pill Grimm 15 minutter siden
10:38 when you crunch down on a full unsucked lollipop
Ian Beel
Ian Beel 16 minutter siden
It's cracking at the back in the same way a newton's cradle works. The energy is "pushed" from the point of impact, through the sphere and gets released at the exact opposite point as the path of least resistance. Transfer of kinetic energy, simple but really cool. *edit spelling
Morgan Rae
Morgan Rae 21 minutt siden
When he shoots the .50 a chunk of glass misses him by inches and almost hits the camera. That's insane
Cade Miller
Cade Miller 21 minutt siden
Since the ball is layers the energy goes throught the layers and like a bag of chips escapes throught the wekest point which is the back because of the inertia through the center and from the layers
Ultra Supreme
Ultra Supreme 32 minutter siden
I'm going to comment about commenting a comment about commenting a comment about commenting a comment and commenting about stopping commenting while commenting about stopping commenting about stopping commenting about creating a loop about stopping commenting about creating a loop and commenting about it.
Beamng drive Madness
Beamng drive Madness 35 minutter siden
Newton’s cradle physics is what’s going on there!
jjbonne 36 minutter siden
When it hits it the force travels to the ball
So i just stolen a diamond
So i just stolen a diamond 38 minutter siden
Dude the shot was so fast i even had to slow down my screen (The thing broke the speed barrier)
Uber Wulf
Uber Wulf 40 minutter siden
That was indeed a good throw.
Aldrinn Clementee
Aldrinn Clementee 43 minutter siden
Lokesh C
Lokesh C 48 minutter siden
shooooot a tree with 50 cal
Mike Schimminger
Mike Schimminger 48 minutter siden
Shoot it from 900 yards and I'll be impressed.
Jesi Tallman
Jesi Tallman 48 minutter siden
I think tiny particles of glass in the air are causing him to sneeze. Same thing happens to me when I'm around fiberglass or sand. Don't worry he's not cursed. 😂
Jared Hernandez
Jared Hernandez 50 minutter siden
Was it just me or did Him saying my tiny ball sounded weird
spc1118 51 minutt siden
The crack comes from all of the distributed forceoving around and through the ball meeting at a point in the back where it releases the energy out into the air since there is no other direction for it to go
Mr crabs
Mr crabs 52 minutter siden
Bro the intro.... it’s beautiful
Mr crabs
Mr crabs 51 minutt siden
I’ve been watching it for 5 hours now
Nadine. Sansone
Nadine. Sansone 54 minutter siden
The only reason it busted was because he had already shot it with multiple guns
Tragik Times
Tragik Times 58 minutter siden
I have an idea for an additional experiment. Take a ball of glass, and dip it in bed liner a few times. See if holding the glass in place will make it more effective at stopping a .50 BMG.
Michael Vejar
Michael Vejar Time siden
think horse power and torque how much power it has and how fast it is same concept for guns just with caliber and grain
Zanqere Time siden
2:30 That intro😂
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton Time siden
14:39 he sounds like 8bitryan
nicholas podstawka
nicholas podstawka Time siden
should have a resparator on after the 9mm, silica dust goes into your lungs but often doesn't come back out
Asmodean Thor
Asmodean Thor Time siden
Love you.
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton Time siden
This is great and all but imagine in about 45 years someone comes to this spot and wonders why there is so much glass and finds this video and facepalms
Ry Klu
Ry Klu Time siden
Friction is how
Ry Klu
Ry Klu Time siden
I'm just a guy
I'm just a guy Time siden
Im no expert but i think the back of the glass ball cracking isn't becuas the ripple effect but the bullet pushing it so much that it transfers through the glass, and not around it, but hey thats just a theory A GLASS THEORY
Bacteriophagebs Time siden
The shock isn't going _through_ the ball, it's going _around_ it. The impact ripples through the outer layers of the glass in all directions from the point of impact, then all those shockwaves intersect on the opposite side of the sphere, where they do sort of the same thing as a shaped charge, focusing the remaining energy on basically a single point. I suspect that the depth of the rear fractures is the same as the depth the bullet reaches in front.
ecombs1983 Time siden
Re do this with the slow mo guys I think it would be epic
Thomas Kulla
Thomas Kulla Time siden
The reason the glass is breaking on the exact opposite side is because of transfer of kenetic energy. Glass ripples when hit with force and spreads out the energy. So when the ball gets hit on the front it ripples the energy all around the ball until it all converts in the same place again, which results in it cracking.
Kwipper Time siden
Wow. He is breathing glass particles. That cannot be good.
Wolfrum Gaming
Wolfrum Gaming Time siden
Me: Sees tiny glass ball. Also me: FUSHIGI
Aidan Ferguson
Aidan Ferguson Time siden
microscopic cuts in his lungs, 'wow im not usually allergic too dust!'.
Chance Yard
Chance Yard Time siden
He should make a compilation of the best intros from 2020
painwithspice Time siden
Heh bet ya didn’t see this comin 💥 💥 💥🔫
Johnny Cash Flow
Johnny Cash Flow Time siden
Did anyone else notice that the fortune teller looks a lot like Matt?
SoFa KiNg DaNk ••*
SoFa KiNg DaNk ••* Time siden
I think glass is not a complete solid has something to do with what’s going on idk tho
SinuousComet049 Mm
SinuousComet049 Mm Time siden
Matt, it could be really neat if you got the slo mo guys out there and were able to get some really neat shots of you shooting stuff. Just sayin’
Michael Scottland
Michael Scottland Time siden
@ 14:39 Does that mean the Warren commission wasn’t lying after all?
Franklin Blunt
Franklin Blunt Time siden
Personal Protective Equipment recommendation, also includes masks & filters to prevent inhaling micro-shards of material such as glass.
akappleby Time siden
Force is distributed throughout the ball from the impact. The forces recombine at the antipode (opposite) side of the ball and create another "impact" force weaker than the original. Same thing happens with earthquakes and the earth.
Sam Haller
Sam Haller 2 timer siden
Bring back the reaper
Sphere Walker
Sphere Walker 2 timer siden
the ripples from the impact meet at that point on the back and tries to blow a chunk out
LostSquad 2 timer siden
Short answer is no, glass sucks against a heavy sniper rifle
Crion Skieszen Garcia
Crion Skieszen Garcia 2 timer siden
Its not magic its kenetic energy for example a pendalum
Slendario 2 timer siden
I think I figured it out: the most of the energy is not going into the ball itself, but going around the surface. So the little bubble or breaks on the other side is the energy concentrating on the opposite end of the ball.
Ian Rocca
Ian Rocca 2 timer siden
when the physic asks for too much so you just fucking shoot them: _e c o n u r m i_
RAMMSTEIN 2 timer siden
Dude the stand for the ball is bulletproof as shit!!! Everyone spam likes on this so he can see how bullet proof the stand is
David MacFarlane
David MacFarlane 2 timer siden
Ok so glass is what is called an amorphous solid, meaning it has SOME liquid like and SOME solid like properties. The force of the impact will have traveled through the glass like it would in water.
Anthony Franken
Anthony Franken 2 timer siden
You Seppos so bored with firearms that you've started shit posting vids like this? 🙄
Dennis Lea
Dennis Lea 2 timer siden
do flamethrower
a newtons cradle should explain the backside
the energy goes straight through
Bảo Hồ Trần Gia
Bảo Hồ Trần Gia 2 timer siden
Never know i could learn physics on a gun youtube channel XD
Ashtin J
Ashtin J 2 timer siden
Come on demo ranch it’s newtons third law
Inyene Ate
Inyene Ate 2 timer siden
The reason why cracks form on the other side is dude to the energy from the bullet hitting one side traveling through the ball and having no where to go so it breaks the end
Ethan Heddlesten
Ethan Heddlesten 2 timer siden
ExpiredTelephone 2 timer siden
your eyes will puke after looking at broken glass balls
young kristen
young kristen 2 timer siden
Where did you get that leather jacket ???
Royal Phoenix
Royal Phoenix 2 timer siden
The glass thing could be because glass is actively a fluid and it is transfering the energy through the glass ball.
Nathan Osborn
Nathan Osborn 2 timer siden
Probably Newton’s cradle effect
blacknoximus 2 timer siden
Next time wear a mask too. You're sniffling because you are breathing in microscopic glass particles.
ThePalatineHill 2 timer siden
the breathing may be caused by glass particles in the air scratching your sinuses
ZeTA_Kevin 2 timer siden
14:06 uhhhh😩
Robert Mehal
Robert Mehal 2 timer siden
This sounds like a job for some kinda, Slow Mo Specialist
Stephen Newton
Stephen Newton 2 timer siden
Bro biden is going to make you go broke with his gun tax haha. I love seeing all the different guns. That knife is badass too. Keep up the great content. I know it's hard shooting sheet for a living.
Carolynne Radice
Carolynne Radice 3 timer siden
bro bro bro so you should go into a airsoft game
Cwrigh25 3 timer siden
Your videos would be even more awesome with some super slow mo footage where we can see the bullet hitting the glass.
schag8 3 timer siden
I hope you don't get that Artie Lange nose from inhaling all that glass.
firehydrus gaming
firehydrus gaming 3 timer siden
its kinetic energy or whatever because when the meteor hit a chunk of the earth flew into space and that is what we know as the moon. that is why the big ball had a crack or small chunk come out of the back.
charlie nuara
charlie nuara 3 timer siden
its kinetic energy or whatever because when the meteor hit a chunk of the earth flew into space and that is what we know as the moon. that is why the big ball had a crack or small chunk come out of the back.
Zimistic 3 timer siden
5:29 close your eyes and listen
Poop Poop
Poop Poop 3 timer siden
It’s releasing all of the energy when it gets to the back
Fastblade Productions
Fastblade Productions 3 timer siden
It's the same scenario with High explosive squash head tank shells in WW2... wouldn't actually penetrate but the shock would create spalling (shrapnel) inside the tank compartment from the shock wave.... Love your videos and humor... keep up the great work!
Mister Popo
Mister Popo 3 timer siden
they gotta make bullet proof vests out of glass balls
Alf The Jewish Alien
Alf The Jewish Alien 3 timer siden
5:35 what yall came for
DKooch 3 timer siden
Kinetic energy being dispersed thru the ball and cracking the other side
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 timer siden
"I feel like I'm cursed, I can't breathe" Or it might be the glass dust you are breathing.
Mr. Tombo
Mr. Tombo 3 timer siden
Isn't that a form of "spauling", sort of like what used to happen to the first tanks in WWI, after which we learned to paste the insides of tanks with ballistic cloth to retain/capture steel that popped free like shrapnel when a shell hit the tank from the outside? Or, you see it with gunshots that hit a window that don't go through. On the other side a conical bit of glass is popped free. Energy transfer to the far point in-line with the impact.
Depner 1987
Depner 1987 3 timer siden
Newton's 3rd law
Ken Thao
Ken Thao 4 timer siden
Wonder if SmarterEveryday could get in on this and explain the cracks
Jacob Peters
Jacob Peters 4 timer siden
14:50 - JFK bullet confirmed. i trust the government more now
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 timer siden
You gotta get Destin on this. Do a collab with Smarter Every Day. He'll figure it out.
Mayroon 4 timer siden
lemme save you some time: it can’t stop the bullet
DiscipleJanet 4 timer siden
Ah what a beautiful day in America
AGAW07 4 timer siden
My thoughts about magic:Magic is just unsolved science
RAWxILLIST 4 timer siden
Note to self; Take crystal ball into battle. Note to self; Dont use against .50 Cal
mr. happy
mr. happy 4 timer siden
Energy travels through because of density.
mr. happy
mr. happy 4 timer siden
When a lvl 1 bat does more damage...
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